NASA Releases Photographs of Saturn’s Ravioli-Formed Moon Pan


NASA on Thursday launched photos of Pan, considered one of Saturn’s many moons, and its distinctive form is drawing comparisons to alien craft and stuffed pasta.

Saturn’s ravioli-shaped moon Pan is seen in just lately launched pictures. (Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/House Science Institute)

The photographs of the moon come courtesy of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, and reveal the UFO-like type of the tiny satellite tv for pc, which has a mean radius of simply eight.eight miles.

Cassini’s Twitter account tweeted a gif displaying the uncooked pictures.

Twitter customers rapidly chimed in. “Ought to or could possibly be referred to as Wonton or Ravioli however that’s superb!!!” one wrote. “Signal me up! Ravioli is considered one of my favourite meals,” mentioned one other.

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One artist even took the time to make a little bit comedian.

In accordance with NASA’s web site, Pan’s unusual form comes from what is known as an equatorial ridge, a attribute it shares with considered one of its sister moons, Atlas.

The ridge has shaped over the course of Pan’s historical past as a result of it orbits Saturn contained in the planet’s rings, amassing stray particles because it goes, mentioned Preston Dyches, a spokesman for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Pan is Saturn’s closest moon, and orbits the planet in simply 13.eight hours.

Earlier this 12 months, Cassini despatched again pictures of Tethys, one other Saturn moon that has a hanging resemblance to the Demise Star from “Star Wars.”

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Cassini is a joint effort between NASA, the European House Company and the Italian area company, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana. It was initially launched in June 2008 on a mission to discover the Saturn System.

In September, Cassini’s mission will come to an finish when it hurtles in direction of Saturn’s floor for what NASA is asking the “Grand Finale.” On its means down, the spacecraft will gather info and information such because the power of Saturn’s gravity in addition to extra photos of the planet’s rings.

However for now, it’s going to proceed to beam again beautiful pictures of Saturn and area ravioli.

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